Basement Construction Services

At Frostons Construction Ltd, we offer a fully comprehensive basement building and basement conversion service to the London area. Whether you are looking to convert an existing basement or create a new one, we are here to help you make the best use of your space and maximise your basement building potential…

How Do We Work

At the enquiry stage we will arrange an appointment to briefly survey the property with our architect in attendance to offer advice and will ask some background questions to assess the client’s requirements. We will advise and discuss matters such as the use of the basement and how to get permission to build. This in turn will determine staircase locations, light wells and changes to the existing ground floor layout. Once we have built up an accurate picture of requirements we can relate this information to our in house team of Architects, Structural Engineers and Party Wall Surveyors. They can then draft a more detailed scheme to enable a quote to be drawn up. If you have your own Architects or Engineers we are more than happy to work alongside them. We can now prepare a fully detailed written quotation. This will itemise the price and timescale of the build and legal process time frames. All our work will be inspected regularly by building control for building regulation compliance. Any Electrical or Gas works will conform to Electrical Installation Contractors (NICEIC) and GAS SAFE regulatory standards. We offer a full company guarantee and a material guarantee on material used in our projects. We are Delta waterproof membrane approved fitters and the product is guaranteed for thirty years

Waterproofing & Damp Control

Cavity drain membranes provide an alternative to conventional cementitious tanking systems, which work by holding the water back. Cavity drain membranes work on the principle of allowing water to continue to penetrate the structure but control it in the air gap and divert it to a suitable drainage point. They do not allow pressure to build up against the internal construction and the air gap behind the membrane allows the structure to breathe and to some extent to dry out. The membranes are loosely laid on floors and fixed to walls using special plugs and sealing materials. Once the membrane has been fitted, wall surfaces can be dry lined or plastered directly and floors can be screeded or a floating dry board system installed. Any water collected by the drainage system is collected in a hidden sump with 2 no. pumps the water is then pumped up and out of the basement. The pumps are incrediably reliable and have back up safety systems with integrated alarms and even options to call your phone if there is a problem. Ensuring your basement is dry at all times. We are registered Delta Membrane installers and as such we can accurately diagnose and treat effectively any damproofing project. The membrane comes with a 30 year guarantee.

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