Waste Management Policy

Reducing, reusing or recycling waste makes sound environmental and economic sense. Frostons Construction Ltd will pursue these practices with rigour.

Frostons Construction Ltd will endeavour to:

  • Reduce waste through better storage, more efficient material use, and accurate ordering processes
  • Reuse materials on site wherever possible, in line with best practice and in partnership with clients and supply chains
  • Recycle materials using the array of current methods available through thorough use of clearly marked receptacles on all sites, including those of our offices, and when working remotely
  • Keep all sites clean and tidy, with secure, segregated storage used correctly at all times
  • Collaborate within partnerships and supply chains and seek to embed “sustainable thinking” across activities throughout
  • Maintain continual improvement through measurement against policy and performance, evaluation, review, training and procedural change where required
  • Take special care when working with hazardous wastes, complying will all legislation to ensure they are safely stored and disposed of
  • Communicate this policy to our employees